Strike while the iron is hot!

Are you a lucky child support obligor who owes a large arrearage but the obligee (person owed support) is willing to release it? Hire a private attorney to expedite this before the obligee changes his or her mind.

I just pushed through a final order that reduced a father’s arrearage from $40,000 to $200. Earlier, he had paid a $20,000 lump sum to the obligee in exchange for the promise to reduce the arrearage to zero, but without a court order this promise would not have been realized.

If he had waited a couple months for the Attorney General to handle this, the mother of his child may have changed her mind by then (absent legal credits, only an obligee can release arrears) and he would owe $40,000.

He is starting a new life today! 🙌🏻

Contact the Fox Law Office to learn more about your options at 469-322-9238 or

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