Marijuana and Texas CPS

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about marijuana. It’s still illegal in Texas, obviously, although the legalization of hemp has made personal use of cannabis harder to prosecute. But CPS involvement is another matter.

If you are an expectant mother using marijuana for nausea or pain relief because other things haven’t worked, I do not recommend giving birth in a hospital unless medically necessary.

A local couple has been threatened with removal of their child by CPS because mother and baby tested positive for marijuana.

I would recommend a home birth with a midwife if you’re in a similar situation, and frankly stopping your use of marijuana if you have kids or are expecting.

I certainly understand removal of a newborn when hard drugs like meth or cocaine are found. But even if an expectant mother’s marijuana could harm the fetus or impact brain development later (and I am not well versed enough in the science to know if that is the case), alcohol use and smoking are also harmful and don’t result in removal of children by CPS.

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