The notes you don’t play

Sometimes the best approach to dealing with contested divorce or child custody litigation is to do nothing for a little while. I had a client who was in a very contentious case that lasted about a year, and it went both ways, but today the case settled amicably. A caseworker with Tarrant County Family CourtContinue reading “The notes you don’t play”

Get an attorney in your corner

Don’t square off against the AG without an attorney. My client faced potential jail for not paying child support but he walked out of court yesterday with that charge dismissed due to defects in the AG’s paperwork and a blown deadline. The child is grown and the contempt charge cannot be brought again, so noContinue reading “Get an attorney in your corner”

Strike while the iron is hot!

Are you a lucky child support obligor who owes a large arrearage but the obligee (person owed support) is willing to release it? Hire a private attorney to expedite this before the obligee changes his or her mind. I just pushed through a final order that reduced a father’s arrearage from $40,000 to $200. Earlier,Continue reading “Strike while the iron is hot!”