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Jonathan W. Fox practices divorce, family law, and child welfare law in the DFW metro area. He is a graduate of the University of Houston Law Center and is a member of the Tarrant County Family Law Bar Association, the Tarrant County Bar Association, the Denton County Bar Association, and the State Bar of Texas.

Jonathan is an experienced family law attorney who has worked both in private law practice and for the Texas Attorney General’s child support division. An eight year veteran of the agency, Jonathan was Assistant Attorney General of the Year for the Fort Worth region in 2016.

In 2021, the Tarrant County Bar Association awarded Jonathan its Gold Service award for his support of the foundation’s pro bono programs. In 2018, 2019, and 2020, Jonathan was named a Top Attorney by Fort Worth magazine.

Jonathan handles divorces, suits affecting the parent-child relationship, child support, custody and child support modifications, enforcements of unpaid child support and denied visitation, stepparent adoptions, and protective orders. Jonathan also handles child welfare cases in which CPS is a party.

Jonathan is also experienced in handling cases involving family violence, high-conflict cases, grandparent or relative custody, interstate custody or support issues, and military child support issues, among other topics. Jonathan also has an interest in and knowledge of custody cases affecting disabled children, autistic children, and children with behavioral issues.

Jonathan can assist you with a will, health care power of attorney, living will, and other simple estate planning documents.

Jonathan frequently volunteers with Legal Aid of NorthWest Texas and Texas Lawyers for Texas Veterans.

Jonathan is a keen strategist and always keeps your personal and financial goals in mind when advancing your case.

An as experienced family law attorney, Jonathan can help prevent your case from being bogged down in emotionally driven delay or vindictiveness. A fair and efficient resolution saves money, helps bring peace and stability, safeguards your future, and sets you and your family up for future success.

Jonathan has an outstanding reputation for honesty and integrity in the legal community and works well with other attorneys. This helps him reach a fair settlement or final outcome in your case.

Jonathan enjoys crafting creative solutions in child custody and property division matters. He is a strong proponent of mediation and other alternative dispute resolution procedures that encourage compromise and buy-in from both sides.

If mediation or settlement talks fail or are inappropriate, Jonathan is prepared to fight for your rights in Court. Some issues cannot be subject to compromise, such as drug use by a parent, family violence, child abuse or neglect, dangerous criminal behavior, parental alienation, or fraud.

Jonathan is ready to move quickly to safeguard the safety and welfare of his clients and their children in such situations.

Jonathan enjoys family law, cares about his clients, and takes pride in helping people resolve difficult situations and move to the next stage of their lives. Jonathan is a parent of young children and is also divorced, and his personal experience helps him be effective as an advocate for his clients.

When he is not working, Jonathan enjoys spending time with his children, running, the outdoors, and traveling.

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