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We assist with matters involving the Department of Family & Protective Services (CPS), whether or not CPS has filed litigation in court.

CPS often contacts families after a report of alleged abuse or neglect is made. We can help you communicate with CPS and protect your rights under the U.S. Constitution as a parent and citizen from the outset. The right to parent is fundamental and CPS should be limited in how it can intervene in a family.

If CPS removes your child and files a petition in court seeking relief including termination of your rights as a parent, we can represent you in Court and work with you throughout the process to advise you and help you obtain the best possible outcome.

When agreement with CPS is not possible, we assist parents in taking an independent approach to CPS litigation including motions for expedited home studies, motions for placement, and motions for monitored return. 

We are ready to negotiate and work collaboratively with other parties, but take our case to court and fight if needed.

CPS is not the only decision maker in child protection proceedings, and they are accountable to judges and juries who may decide things differently than CPS.

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